Is there a truth shared by all religions?
Is it compatible with modern science?
Can we verify this truth for ourselves?

Our answer to these questions is yes. Thus, our mission includes three corresponding goals:

Shared Nondual Truth. Although the world's great religious traditions have obvious outer (or exoteric) differences, one of our goals is to demonstrate that they also share an inner (or esoteric) Truth testified to by their mystics.

New Sacred Worldview We are also working to lay the foundations for a new worldview in which the Truth realized by the mystics and the truths of modern science can be seen as compatible ways of understanding the same underlying Reality.

Community of Practitioners To help individual seekers, we maintain a community of spiritual practitioners who wish to follow the teachings and practices of the mystics of all the great nondual traditions, presented in generic, contemporary terms.


The Center is a member-supported non-profit organization. 

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CSS spiritual director Joel Morwood was interviewed by Shawn Nevins of In the interview, Joel discusses aspects of his own path, effort vs non-effort, his time with Franklin Merrell-Wolff, and the development of his teachings.

Interview with Joel



The Way of Selflessness: A Practical Guide to Enlightenment Based on the Teachings of the World's Great Mystics by Joel Morwood (2nd edition, 2019)

"A spiritual treasure." – Huston Smith

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