Holos Journal

The online journal Holos: Forum for a New Worldview publishes articles and interviews that help promote the development and dissemination of a new sacred worldview. Past interviews have featured B. Alan Wallace, David Loy, Hal Roth, Sarah Voss, Dierdre Carabine, Bruce Rosenblum, and Joseph Lumbard.

The subject matter encompassed by Holos includes topics related to mystical teachings, especially those demonstrating the unanimity of the testimony of mystics across traditions, cultures, and times; the relationship between scientific and mystical truths; the development of a sacred worldview; mathematics as a sacred language that can provide a link between scientific and spiritual ways of understanding the world; and the nature of mystical truth and its relationship to contemporary society, philosophy, and science.

Holos appeals not only to scholars but also to the educated spiritual practitioner, spiritual teachers, and the clergy in various spiritual traditions.

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Selected Holos Interviews: