How to Join

Because the practitioners group requires a serious commitment and becoming a member, if you are interested in joining the Center's community of practitioners, before making a decision we recommend that you take some time to learn about our group.

First, we suggest you attend our Sunday public programs for several months, get to know some of the current members, read about our spiritual practices and read Joel's spiritual autobiography, Naked Through the Gate, which is available in the Center library.

During the informal tea and conversation after any of the Sunday meetings, feel free to discuss with any Center teacher your spiritual background and to get answers to any questions you may have about the Center, its teachings, teachers, or practices.

If think that the practitioners' group seems right for you, then you may enroll in our local foundations study group which begins each fall, or you may start the distance study course at any time.

After you have completed either of these courses, you will be eligible to join our regular practitioners' group which meets weekly in Eugene.

When you join the foundation studies class, if you are not already a supporting member of the Center, we ask you to become one. This entails pledging a fixed amount of money every year to help support our organization. How much you pledge is completely up to you, and should be based on whatever you feel you can afford.