About Our Library

The Center maintains a lending library containing thousands of books, audio CDs, video DVDs, magazines, and journals for patrons to explore the classical teachings of the mystics from all the world's religious traditions.

Library Hours and Location

The library is currently open some Tuesdays and Sundays--see our CSS events calendar

Location and Map Here.

Online Catalog

Search the CSS Online Library Catalog (to date all CDs and DVDs and approximalte 30% of our book collection are searchable).


Library News

See the CSS Library Blog for reviews and new additions to the library.

Renew your library items online!

To request a renewal of your checked out item, click here.

Submit a Review of a Library Item

You are invited to write and submit original reviews of books, videos, and audios that are part of the CSS Library collection. For some advice on getting started with writing a review, see the page writing a review. When you are ready to submit your review, simply fill out the online review submission form.


For a small annual fee ($10/yr.), anyone may apply for library borrowing privileges. To become a library patron, please visit in person and consult with one of our librarians. CSS Membership includes library borrowing privileges.

Supporting the Library

Other than a small annual user fee for non-CSS members, there is no charge for borrowing books, audios, and videos from the Center library.

If the Center library is of value to you, please consider a donation to our library acquisition fund, helping expand the books, audios, and videos available in our lending library:


The Center also welcomes donations of used books of any kind, or new books you may select from the Center Library's Top Wished For Items at Amazon.com.

Or, simply by following this link to Amazon.com, a portion of the sale of any item you purchase for yourself will help the Center add books to our lending library.

Contacting the Library

Library patrons may contact the library staff throught the renewal link above, or by writing to

Center for Sacred Sciences
1711 Willamette St Ste 301-164
Eugene, OR 97401

or by leaving a message at (541) 345-0102. 

Library Staff Blog.