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Free yourself from the stories that bind you.

Try this creative writing method to illuminate your Story of I.

Merry Song presents four 90-minute recorded sessions that demonstrate a powerful writing tool in action.

View the two-minute trailer.


Merry Song challenges us to try creative writing to help illuminate the imaginary nature of who we think we are. This four-part video series allows you to experience the Go As Nothing Writing Workshop at your own pace. You can experiment along with eight participants through writing prompts that unfold throughout the series.  Please join us free of charge.


Merry Song began self inquiry and mantra practice in childhood. At age 35 she glimpsed the True Nature of Being and has continued to unfold with this Recognition. Her Buddhist practices with Ruth Denison and her Way of Selflessness practices with Joel Morwood have brought her to this moment of offering her own unique teaching method. She offers writing workshops under the auspices of the Center for Sacred Sciences where she was asked to step forward as a spiritual teacher.  Merry Song holds a BA in Broadcasting and Filmmaking and an MFA in Creative Writing. She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



What people are saying about the workshop


Joel Morwood, the Spiritual Director at the Center for Sacred Sciences, says:

“There is something magical about hearing all participants read their pieces one after another—like watching a single river which keeps bending in different and surprising directions! Some of the readings brought tears to my eyes, others were hilarious, all were intense.  It’s amazing what comes out of people when they have the courage to be spontaneous. This is a profound yet fun way to find out how your mind concocts the stories that it does.”


Jude Kieda says:  

“I have attended several of Merry Song’s writing workshops and each of them opened up my spiritual practices in unforeseen ways.  Her writing exercises tap into our inner world and often bring out aspects of which we were not even aware.  She has a way of framing spiritual themes into the writing practices in creative ways that are spiritually challenging, delightfully amusing, and ever new.”


Sheila Craven says, after viewing the entire series:   

“The wonderful varieties of writings by each of the participants were so imaginative.  I got a lot out of the teachings and vowed to continue to practice going as nothing, especially when feeling stressed for any reason.”


Read an interview with Merry Song about the background and evolution of these workshops here: Robin Retherford's interview with Merry Song 

Examples of participants' responses to a writing prompt are here: Call 911! My Stories are on Fire!

I offer this to you as a labor of love—absolutely free.  I encourage you to watch the videos in order because I have designed the teachings to unfold one after the other.  Come prepared to write if you are so inclined.  I will give you the major writing prompts at the beginning of each episode so that you can join in.  It’s also fine to just listen to the others.  

I hope that you will recommend this series to friends.  May we all unfold in the creativity of this practice.  All four episode links are below this message.  I’m delighted to have you. Enjoy.  

Yours in Compassionate Creativity,

Merry Song

The Go As Nothing Writing Workshop Video Series

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