Out of Hiding

Out of Hiding

An Exhibition of Creative Writing and Art from Workshops Led by Merry Song

Spring 2020

Introduction from the Curators

Throughout the spring of this monumental year, a couple of dozen searching souls gathered in two writing workshops led by Center teacher Merry Song. We did so not to learn technical writing skills, but to practice searching for truth within our hearts in safe, supportive gatherings. For some, Merry Song’s workshops over the past year have led to seismic shifts and, for others, more subtle transformations, but none came away unchanged, and for that we are grateful.

Due to the restrictions on gathering publicly, the intended bricks and mortar exhibition of our writing and accompanying artwork needed another outlet so we retooled and here present our work/play virtually, so you can be inspired from the comfort of your home.

We call the exhibition Out of Hiding. Whether it was a secret we had never told anyone else before or an aspect of our very selves we had been hiding from ourselves, we emerged in many ways.

Several writers chose artworks, ours or another’s, to complement our writing. The writing itself is almost exactly as it was first written in our notebooks. Only very light editing was done to correct obvious typos. It’s raw and real.

We, the coordinators of this exhibit, would like to thank Merry Song for her generosity of time and talent, gentle leadership and inspiration.  We also give thanks and a debt of gratitude to Tom McFarlane, CSS Publications Director, for his generosity of time and talent in taking our materials and creating a virtual gallery where we can all peruse and muse.

In Peace,

Donna Lee Atkinson
Maura Scanlon
Debra Meadow

A Word From Workshop Leader Merry Song

Coming out of hiding has been a definite calling in my life.  Until recently, I’ve found many ways, both consciously and unconsciously, to escape the prospect of offering my true self to the world.  But once I surrendered and answered my lifelong calling, I realized that I had the opportunity to shine a little light for others.

The spiritual writing workshops at the Center for Sacred Sciences grew out of this coming out, and the energy flowing freely in the workshops appears to encourage others to examine what makes them hide and who exactly is hiding.  Encouragements to face fears have led some participants to step up and take leadership roles.

Because I was so amazed by the magic of the creative writing process we used as well as the resulting writing, I had a vision of how it might be shared with the greater Center community.  I voiced this vision in a workshop one day and three people came forward to carry the vision to fruition.

They call it “Out of Hiding”—an exhibit of unedited writing and artwork that may encourage the viewer to consider the topic of emerging.  The curators have used their own talents and intuitions to create this remarkable show.

Merry Song

Barbara Richmond



Cultivating Awareness Around the Story of “I”

Bev Forster

You notice the tree (bird, squirrel, sunshine) outside your window…

I like to tell the story about the time…

Carla Crow


I am a…

He always wanted to dance

Cindy Zarzycki

She threw away the instructions

Debra Meadow



Donna L. Atkinson




Hillery Kyablue


I would like to forgive….

Jed Hazen

He is DNA

Once Upon a Time

Kathleen Daniel


Go As Nothing!

Laura Betty


(LOVE) I will make my Self a valentine....

Liba Stafl



Maura Scanlon


I release you, my secrets

Holy Bear Creek

Melissa Kaspar


Love Comes to You

Nancy Miller


Jojo: Rescue Dog

Mist Rising

Niraja Lorenz


Your biggest accomplishment in life

Shannon Wylie



Sharry Lachman


Chocolate Chip Cookies


Vip Short

I am a sweet old sentimental muffin

Before you know what freedom really is