The Five Monastic Precepts

Retreats provide us the opportunity to deepen our practice of precepts. To facilitate this, we practice five precepts on retreat in addition to the ten that are practiced during our time as householders.

In addition, I vow to keep these Five Monastic Precepts for the duration of this retreat:

  1. To practice poverty by realizing that, in reality, nothing belongs to me. 
  2. To practice chastity by refraining from all external sexual behavior, and from indulging in internal sexual fantasies. 
  3. To practice strict obedience to all my precepts, as well as to the rules of this retreat center. 
  4. To maintain outer silence, except for speech relating to teachings or tasks; and to allow inner silence to permeate my heart and mind. 
  5. To strive for constancy in my practice, both day and night.