Seeing Through Egocentric Karmic Conditioning

There is no alternative to seeing through egocentric karmic conditioning, if we are committed to awakening and ending suffering. If we want to awaken for the benefit of all that appears in mind, then the ego must be seen through for what it is—a conditioned, nonexistent, shiny, slimy sham that robs our lifeblood and joy and deludes us into ever ongoing distraction away from Reality That Is Always Here Now And Forever and always inclusive of everyone else and everything else that continues to appear in "the world out there."

We are here to end the suffering of the ignorance, the separateness, the desire, and the aversion In Our Mind that functions and acts always to separate and isolate us out of the Now Presence Of Joy. That mistaken conditioned ignorance doesn't know what else to do; it just wants to recreate itself again and again because "it" does not exist and never will, so "it" has to think itself into seeming existence again and again by capturing our attention and focus out of reality and into "it." When "its" thoughts stop, "it" ceases to exist, and Reality Shines Its Transparent See Through Radiant Light.

Just as Reality Always Is, so too the seductions of ego are never ending, to distract us out of reality by capturing our attention into its endless stories of I, you, it, them, good, bad, better, worse, comparisons, conflicts, personal insults, attacks, new ideas for new stuff, more, more, more—all the tricks of pathetic, misinformed, mistaken, ignorant, sick, conditioned duality mind that ever competes with what is already perfect, whole, enough and not wrong or missing anything.... 

To cut delusion at the root requires ceaseless willingness to see through that moment to moment Death of who we truly are—to see through the sham of non existent ego and its endless pathetic ploys—to see through and remain ever present in the reality of our true nature which is nothing other than Pure Awareness, Compassion And Intelligence, which I like to call the magnificent and glorious "See Through All The Bullshit And Fly Free Intelligence."

The practice of Seeing through ego's conditioning Becomes The Energy Knowing Of Flowing Carefree Bliss. Once you have seen ekc (egocentric karmic conditioning)'s cruel clutches, experience becomes pure joy, letting ego dissolve, letting ekc dissipate again and again Into The Great Space Of Being or as Cheri Huber says "into Center."

It does not matter who is your teacher or what tradition you choose to practice in. If that teacher or tradition (or right understanding of that teacher or tradition) does not guide you out of ego and into Reality, it is just another distraction. All confusion will eventually be seen and acknowledged though, because our Buddha nature is always ever present and omniscient through all confused appearances of our mind. We will all awaken in Truth, because that is why the universe is appearing. The universe of time and space is the miraculous gift of life and infinite possibility. Whether we receive that gift for the manifestation of suffering or joy is for us to learn about and play with. The dance of Love cannot help but awaken us from inside out sooner or later.

In the last couple of years, I have shared and encouraged the practice of Cheri Huber's teachings to our Bishop Sangha. It is such a practical path for those of us who are living actively in mind's appearances, in the confused world of egocentric karmic conditioned reactions, in jobs, in relationships, in ordinary life, devoted to repeatedly finding the extraordinary, to finding and being liberation, being blissful, free and loving In Each And Every Moment—the lucid dream of being awake in Compassion's Blissful Playful Dance of Creative Joy.

A wish for us all—One Heart of Peace Beating Creative Joyful Responsive Magnificence In the Midst of All that Appears.... 
-Andrea, Winter 2013