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Return to Wholeness

A Zoom* retreat led by Todd Corbett

May 16-20, 2023

On this retreat, we will open into that which is already Whole through stabilizing attention and practices of spacious awareness.

“If the mind makes no discriminations,
the ten thousand things are as they are, of single essence.
To understand the mystery of this One-essence
is to be released from all entanglements.
When all things are seen equally
the timeless Self-essence is reached.”

– Zen Master Sengtsan.



This is an online retreat, held via Zoom video conference. You will need a computer with Zoom installed, equipped with a camera and audio.

*There will be limited space for 5-6 people to attend in person at our Saratoga building (masks optional). Please contact Todd directly if you are interested in reserving one of these spots.

This will be a silent retreat, which in the Zoom context means we will not engage in social conversation during Zoom sessions, and we will keep silence as much as possible outside of Zoom sessions. You should attempt to have no communication with the outside world for the duration of the retreat.

This retreat is not open to the public. In order to be eligible to attend this retreat, you must be a current CSS member who has either attended a prior CSS retreat, is currently taking the Foundation Studies course, or has completed phase III of the Distance Studies course. If you are not a current member and are interested in attending a CSS retreat, you can learn about joining CSS and becoming one of our member practitioners.

You will need an internet-connected computer device with Zoom installed, equipped with a camera and audio. You will need to arrange a sacred retreat space where you will not be interrupted, which has sufficient space for walking meditation (or be able to do this outside in a secluded area).

This retreat satisfies the prerequisite for attending advanced CSS retreats. All member practitioners are encouraged to take this opportunity to deepen their practice.


More details of the format and guidelines for this retreat can be found on the retreat information page. If you have questions, contact the CSS retreat coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



This retreat is limited to 30 participants. Registration will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, except that priority is given to Foundations Studies students attending a CSS retreat for the first time. The final deadline to register is May 9, 2023. We only accept full-time participants for this retreat.

There is no fee for this non-residential retreat. However, donations are greatly appreciated to support the Center's mission. Also, to help support practitioners for whom residential retreat fees are a financial burden, please consider making a donation to the CSS Retreat Scholarship Fund.

  1. Open the retreat registration form by clicking the green "Register Now" button below.
  2. Read the instructions on the registration form, fill out the form, and click Submit. A confirmation email will be sent to you.
  3. If you are making a donation you can mail a check or donate online. For details see support the Center.

Register now using the online registration form:

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If you have to cancel after registering, please notify the registrar as soon as possible so that we can give your place to another participant. 

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