Board of Directors and Active Staff

Board of Directors

  • Joel Morwood, President
  • Jennifer W. Knight, Treasurer
  • Merry Song, Secretary
  • Todd Corbett
  • Tom McFarlane
  • Michael Strasburger
  • Jack Yousey


Spiritual Director
Joel Morwood

Active Spiritual Teachers
Todd Corbett
David Cunningham
Tom McFarlane
Andrea Pucci
Merry Song

Distance Studies Course Mentors
Fred Chambers
Todd Corbett
David Cunningham
Tom McFarlane

Library Director
Jennifer W. Knight

Senior Library Assistants
Camilla Bayliss
Mona Bronson
Shirley Chase
Sally Snyder
Jack Yousey

Library Assistants
*** open positions ***

Facilities Director
Michael Strasburger

Facilities Engineers
Eugene Gibbs

Publications Director
Tom McFarlane

Sheila Craven, Merry Song

Website and Newsletter Editor
Tom McFarlane

Special Projects Director
Todd Corbett

Sunday Introductions
Barbara Dewey
Rick Ahrens
Steve Pologe
David Mason

Activities Director
Jack Yousey

Retreat Coordinator
Jack Yousey

On-site Retreat Manager
Rick Ahrens

Event Coordinator
Jack Yousey

Mark Hurwit

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