Meditation with Matt
8:00am-8:30am Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri. Open to the public.

Come join us in cultivating stillness at the beginning of the day. Most weekdays, excluding Wednesdays, we practice sitting or standing meditation in silence. The doors open at 8 a.m. The bell rings at 8:05 to commence meditation practice and again at 8:30 to conclude. If you come late please quietly join us. All are welcome!

Qigong with Matt
8:30am-9:30am Tue,Thu. Open to the public.

Qigong is a classical exercise system from the mystical, martial art and holistic medical traditions of China. The methods that Matt teaches come primarily from the Daoist internal alchemy and internal martial art traditions. Several sets may be taught on different occasions, depending upon students' interests. All qigong methods practiced will cultivate stillness, nourish the circulation of subtle energy in the body, promote healthy organ function, and lead to a stable and energized body-mind. Qigong practice thus forms an excellent basis for spiritual contemplation and cultivation.

Sets taught include Hunyuan Gong, Chansi (Silk-Reeling) Gong, Fangsong (Relaxing-Loosening) Gong, Five Animals Frolics, Eight Sections of Brocade, and Stick and Ruler Gong. Students who want to continue studying deeper into these arts and have made a commitment to practice daily may request to join the Taiji class after one month of regular attendance. Please talk to Matt for more information.

Read more about Matt and Hunyuan Taijiquan lineage in the Holos article A mystical approach to taiji practice.

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