Kindness Network

Many of us have had, or may have, times when something occurs in our life that renders us temporarily unable to take care of our daily needs like meal preparation, grocery shopping or other chores, a household repair, etc., or (if we are housebound) we may just want some company or a session with the Friendly Singers, (a small group of center members committed to musical visits).


If you live in the Eugene/Springfield area and find yourself in this position, we have two contact people who will take calls and then connect you with someone who may be able to help according to their skills.  (If you are a member of CSS, you may also directly view the confidential list of volunteers and call them directly. First select Member Login from the Members menu, then select Kindness Volunteers from the Member menu.)

To receive services call:
     Michael Augden           541 517 5215
     Cathryn Cardellino       541 344 1726




If you would like to share your time and skills as a Kindness Network volunteer, a sign-up sheet will remain at the Center or you can email/call Cathryn to be added to the list.


    Cathryn Cardellino          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                            



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