The following books and pamphlets are published by the Center. See our publication catalog or our storefront on Amazon.


Naked Through the Gate: A Spiritual Autobiography
by Joel Morwood. This passage from Joel's spiritual autobiography is an account of his experience following Gnosis.

Through Death's Gate: A Guide To Selfless Dying
by Joel Morwood. A guide to selfless dying containing spiritual practitices to prepare for death.

The Way of Selflessness
by Joel Morwood. To be published 2009 or 2010.

Sacred Science
by Tom McFarlane. A collection of essays on mathematics, physics, and spiritual philosophy.



The Five Fundamentals
The basic spiritual principles taught at the Center

The Ten Selfless Precepts
The spiritual precepts practiced at the Center

Challenge and Response
A detailed description of the aims and purposes of the Center

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