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Awakening from Delusion

A silent residential retreat led by Todd Corbett, assisted by Mora Fields
May 6-11, 2020
Collins Retreat Center, Eagle Creek, Oregon


It is by descending into the depths of his own self that man wanders through all the dimensions of the world; in his own self he lifts the barriers which separate one sphere from the other; in his own self, finally, he transcends the limits of natural existence and at the end of his way, without, as it were, a single step beyond himself, he discovers that God is “all in all” and there is “nothing but Him.”
—Gershom Scholem (Jewish)

This is a silent residential retreat, held at Collins Retreat Center, a rural retreat center located about 45 minutes southeast of Portland, Oregon. In addition to being physically isolated, you should plan to have no communication with the outside world for the duration of the retreat.


This retreat is not open to the public. In order to be eligible to attend this retreat, you must be a current CSS member. If you are not a current member and are interested in attending a CSS retreat, you can learn about joining CSS and becoming one of our member practitioners.

This retreat satisfies the prerequisite for attending advanced CSS retreats. All member practitioners are encouraged to take this opportunity to deepen their practice.


A retreat information page includes details of the retreat location, and retreat guidelines. For more information, contact the CSS retreat coordinator, Mora Fields, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Fees: All fees include room and board.

  • Supporting fee: $900 covers the cost of your retreat, and helps cover teacher tuition fees and some CSS retreat expenses. While the teachings are given as a labor of love, the teachers' room and board must be paid. The Supporting fee does not include a contribution to the scholarship fund; therefore, any additional amount you can donate the scholarship fund is much appreciated.
  • Basic fee: $785, covers the cost CSS incurs for your retreat alone, but does not help cover overhead expenses for CSS to conduct residential retreats, such as room and board for our teachers.
  • Subsidized fee: If the basic fee is a financial hardship, please consider what you can contribute for your costs, and apply for a scholarship to cover the remainder. CSS hopes to accommodate every person who wishes to attend the retreat. 
  • Part-time fee: $185 per day.

Deposit, cancellations and refunds:

An initial deposit of $100 must be postmarked or personally delivered to CSS by the registration deadline of Monday March 30, 2020.

Payment in full must be postmarked or personally delivered to CSS by the payment deadline of Friday April 17, 2020, or we must charge a late fee of $50.

If you have to cancel and you notify the registrar (Mora Fields) before the payment deadline, your payment, minus $50 non-refundable fee and any late fee, will be returned to you. If you cancel after the payment deadline, CSS is not able to return your payment unless you can find someone to take your place, since after that date Collins Center charges us in full for the place being held for you. The exception is for medical emergency or death in the family, in which case your payment can* be returned up until the start of the retreat, minus the $50 non-refundable fee and late fee if any.

*Emergency refund request procedure: You must notify the registrar before the start of the retreat. You will be asked to follow up with a written request after the retreat (letter or email), sent to our registrar (Mora) which will be forwarded to both Collins Retreat Center and the CSS board for final approval.  

You must register prior to the retreat registration deadline. Registration will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, except that priority is given to Foundations Studies students attending a CSS retreat for the first time and those attending the entire retreat. People wishing to attend only part of the retreat will be accepted on a space-available basis. To register, complete the online registration form, then mail in your registration payment coupon with your $100 deposit.

  1. Open the retreat registration form at the link below.
  2. Read the instructions on the registration form, fill out the form, and click Submit. A confirmation email will be sent to you.
  3. Write a check, payable to Center for Sacred Sciences, for the amount you are paying now ($100 or more). Make a note on the check that you are paying for the retreat.
  4. Mail your check to CSS (or drop it off in the donation box at CSS) prior to the registration deadline. Remember, if you are initially making only a partial payment, the balance must be paid in full before the payment deadline.

Your registration will not be complete, and your space at this retreat will not be reserved, until we receive your payment.
To register now, click here to open the registration form.

Also, please click this link to complete the Guest Information Form for Collins Retreat Center, which includes dietary requests.

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